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One-on-One Coaching

Are you feeling stuck in life and unable to take the next step toward your goals?

Feel like you could benefit from some guidance and support along the way?

Craving more from life and ready to adopt a new mindset?


Well, Your Thriving Life Coach is here to provide you with the One-on-One Coaching you need to transform your life!  I'll guide you on your journey to personal and professional growth.


Ready to invest in yourself and unlock your full potential? Let's do this!

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Empowering One-on-One Coaching for Personal Growth
Personalized Coaching for Personal and Professional Success

What I Offer

All our sessions are over Zoom and offer you a personalized approach. Here’s what I have to offer you:

Free 30-min Clarity Session

We'll kick things off with a complimentary session that I'll use to get to know you and clarify your vision for the future.

60-min Life Assessment & Debrief

We'll get into your current situation, challenges, and opportunities, followed by a debrief to set the stage for our coaching journey.

60-min Coaching Sessions + Notes

Twice a month, we'll meet for personalized coaching sessions that allow you to take meaningful action toward your goals. Also, I'll share with you our session notes to keep you on track.

6-Month Commitment

Our coaching partnership spans six months, giving us a lot of time to work together and create a lasting impact in your life.

Email & Messaging Access

Have a question or need some quick support between sessions? No problem! You'll have direct access to me thru email or messaging.

Private Facebook Group

Join a community of like-minded individuals in our private Facebook group, where you can share insights, ask questions, and receive encouragement too!

What You‘ll Get

When you partner with me, you'll gain:

  • Personalized guidance for your specific needs and aspirations.

  • Tools and techniques to help you break through barriers and unlock your full potential.

  • Support to keep you on track and motivated towards your goals.

  • An opportunity to develop new skills, habits, and mindsets that support your thriving life.


How It Will Help You

Working with me as your life coach, you can expect to:


Clarify Your Vision

Gain a crystal-clear understanding of what you truly want in life and how to get there.


Overcome Obstacles

Tackle personal and professional challenges head-on with your newfound confidence and resilience.


Develop New Habits

Create healthy habits and routines that support both your growth and success.


Achieve Your Goals

Make consistent progress toward your goals and enjoy the satisfaction of your accomplishments.


Transform Your Mindset

Adopt a positive, purpose-driven mindset that empowers you to live your best life!

Life Coaching for Positive Mindset Transformation


All of this may seem too good to be true, but my one-on-one coaching service is available for just $500 per month. Investing in yourself is truly one of the best decisions you can make!


So, don't wait another day. Connect with me, Alexis Brunstedt, Your Thriving Life Coach. Together, we'll have this incredible journey of personal and professional growth.

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